Bio: Branwen is a musician and performance artist who was raised on a diet of salty sea air and sideways rain in the West of Ireland. She is a self proclaimed imaginary horse enthusiast. 
Her work is imagination centric and is inspired by mythology and folklore from home and around the world. She finished her first solo album in 2019, a collaboration with renowned Bass Clarinettist, Deirdre O’Leary and the incredible stings of Nicholas Cooper. The Album was released in New Orleans in April followed by an Irish release and tour with her band in May. She toured in Ireland and the UK in Autumn/Winter 2019 as well as playing a number of dates in Europe and at some Irish festivals in the Summer.
As an award nominated performance artist, (RDS Graduate Award 2017) sculptor, puppeteer, writer of surreal visual plays and a lively adventurer she gathers many of these strands together in her live performances. Her live show involves an array of unmusical objects employed as instruments, as well as actual instruments including loop pedals, banjo and guitar.

"They wove an acoustic web of enchantment, singing deep mysterious songs that breached the veil between this world and the Great Unseen. The audience was left in a daze of delight."